adult dance + fitness

at collective we believe that dance is for everyone. which is why our adult fitness classes are open to everyone and all age groups. for some, dance is a pure expression of exuberance. for others, dance is about athleticism; discovering their own limits and exceeding them.

whether you want to dance for fun, fitness or for a living – we are confident we can cater to all needs!

Classes include;


Adult Ballet


Adult Tap




dance can provide the outlet you need to work away your tensions and it is particularly good for reliving stress. at collective we feel that with the variety of dance based workouts that we provide, you will be able to dance away any problems with a choice of our beginner advanced classes.

our workouts incorporate dance and aerobic moves that are perfect for those looking to keep in or get back into shape – whilst having a little fun at the same time.

Adult Timetable